The BCF Family

Bear Creek Firearms is one of the premiere firearms facilities in the world and is the #1 Authority for Firearms Training in North Texas. Owned by Scott & Tish Platt, Bear Creek Firearms is located in the beautiful town of Keller, Texas where they buy, sell and trade Firearms of all types. Bear Creek Firearms carry handguns, sporting & hunting rifles, vintage & collectable firearms, suppressors, short barreled rifles & shotguns, and transferrable machine guns. If you don’t see exactly what you want then the staff at Bear Creek Firearms will find it, or if necessary, build it for you! Not only does Bear Creek Firearms have an impressive collection of Springfield Armory’s Military issued rifles; they also have the largest inventory of firearms in the entire DFW Area.

Even though they own & operate such an impressive firearms facility, The Platt’s are just your typical suburban family. From a very young age, Scott has always had an interest in taking things apart and putting them back together, this included the family’s firearm collection and later led Scott into the world of Gunsmithing. After many years of formal and informal training from military armorers, to government armorers, to private gunsmiths such as Bill Wilson and Bob Munden, Scott has become a trusted Master Gunsmith.

Scott-counter-150x150Before moving to the Great State of Texas (they got here as fast as they could) the Platt family lived in Washington State where Scott nobly worked as a Firefighter and Medic. However, on his off days Scott satisfied his true passion of firearms by being contracted as an armorer for many local and federal agencies.

Scott is also a Master Firearms Instructor and is experienced in training Law Enforcement and US Govt. personnel in pistol, rifle and shotgun weapons marksmanship, along with being a certified instructor. Scott is responsible for assisting in the design of some of the Training Protocols that are currently used in Law Enforcement today.

Tish-Bio-2-150x150Tish is the matriarch of the Platt clan, and none of this would have been possible had she not been working diligently on day to day operations and keeping the office, and family, on the right track. Tish also loves her guns and doesn’t go anywhere without her pistol in her boot! Tish has also used her passion for firearms by starting a blog solely dedicated to Ladies shooting groups, concealed carry options, clothing, bags and anything related to women with firearms. Keep your eyes peeled for weekly updates by Tish!

Tuesday-Friday, 10a-6:30p & Saturday 9a-4p +817-431-1100